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Slidestar is an open educational platform to your local college or library but in cyberspace. The SlideStar community is made up of mainly students and academics who can exchange any educational content and material they find useful. Publishers of content are free to define their own terms of use. If agreed upon, materials can be used and furthered for your own studies or research. Your Slideware (content) can come in any number of formats such as the almighty PowerPoint slide, an audio file, PDF and more.

A brilliant rich web application built using Flex.

Project Aviary

Given the announcements at MAX this morning, this is very interesting.


Aviary is a suite of rich internet applications geared for artists of all genres. From image editing to typography to music to 3D to video, we have a tool for everything. At Worth1000, we are creating a complex ecosystem for artists and providing the world with free, capable collaborative tools and an approach to collaboration and rights management that will turn the marketplace for online art on its head.

“All of our tools are based right in your browser or as downloadable AIR applications. Our tools all communicate and relate to each other. To illustrate an example: You can import a swatch from Toucan into Phoenix, while doing complex bitmap processing of a 3D object developed in Hummingbird. Finally, you can take your finished artwork and lay it out in Owl as the DVD artwork for a music CD you and your friends put together in Roc and Myna and offer it for sale in our marketplace, Hawk.”

From the screenshots on their blog, it would seem as if all these applications are built in Flex or AIR.

Woodpecker – their smart image resizing app – was demoed at Techcrunch40 the other week and incorporates Seam Carving, the process of smart image resizing first pioneered by the brilliant Dr. Ariel Shamir, and can be seen working at MAX if you email the guys at aviary( a )worth1000.com.

The full suite of applications which sit in the Aviary are:

Phoenix – Image editor
Toucan – Color swatches and palettes creator.
Peacock – Computer algorhythm-based pattern generator.
Raven – Vector editor
Hummingbird – 3D Modeller and skinner
Myna – Audio editor
Roc – Music generator
Starling – Video editor
Owl – Desktop publishing layout editor
Penguin – Word processing software geared towards creative writers.
Pigeon – Painting simulator
Tern – Terrain generator. This is a mini tool.
Horus – Font editor
Woodpecker – Smart image resizer (seam carving). This is a mini-tool.
Rookery – A free, unlimited distributed file system network that anyone can connect to and store data in. It also powers our search engine.
Hawk – Digital content marketplace
Eagle – A smart online application that can identify complex data about an image based on the pixel patterns (i.e. which specific camera an image originally came from).
Crane – Custom image product creator, that can integrate with other websites.

A complete list of tools that are being created can be found here.

Buzzword, the online word processor Adobe announced purchasing this morning would seem to fit into the ‘Penguin’ category…I’ll be watching this space avidly since they seem to have covered off pretty much every aspect of digital design.

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