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Put a Donk on it!

I came across an extraordinary documentary yesterday (nod of the cap to Iain Tait @ Poke). This is by far and away the very best thing I’ve seen on the internet since the Kersal Massive.

This is Donk-tastic! Watch the full documentary.

At first I thought it was a spoof in a classic Chris Morris kind of way, but then I realised there are just too many good bits for it to be fake.

This is totally genuine.

The Blackout crew have 4million hits on YouTube with ‘Put a Donk On It':

The scene is focused around Fandom & a strong DIY UGC ethic. In some ways it’s more digital than Digital and others are copying the style:

Newham Generals feat. Dizzee Rascal – Violence:

It’s affronting, cheap, sexist and refines the lowest common denominator…It’s totally Donk…

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