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Facebook – a persuasive technology

B.J.Fogg is a professor at Stanford University specialising in Captology, the study of persuasive technology. He used his learning in the field of Captology for a course that was run at Stanford for Facebook application developers recently.

Over the course of 8 weeks he and his associates taught how captology could be used to create successful Facebook applications. The premise for creating and teaching the course was based on the hypothesis that Facebook is, at its heart, a persuasive technology utility platform.

Facebook’s foundations are based on your real off-line friends and families. The ones you trust, the ones who recommend products and services to you when you’re at dinner or whilst having a drink after work and the one’s whose views are based on their own experiences and opinions, which you trust.

Collectively the Stanford facebook applications numbers were as follows:
Over 16 million installs in 10 weeks.
~ 925,000 Daily Engaged Users

The Facebook Application Install Stats were as follows:
* 5 apps had 1 Million + installs
* 10 apps had 100K+ installs
* 20 apps had 5K+ installs

The Facebook Engagement Stats were as follows:
* 6 apps had 100K daily users
* 10 apps had 10K daily users
* 20 apps had 500+ daily users

Total Valuation per Adonomics numbers = ~10 Million Dollars

These numbers are incredible considering that each team comprised of 3-5 people…

There’s seems to be alot that can be learnt by applying Captology to Facebook applications.

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