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Personal APIs and the Quantified Self

I'm doing a bunch of work at the minute that's tapping into Personal APIs and the Quantified Self. I've dipped into this stuff before, but that was a while ago and since then some really interesting things are being played out on the periphery.

Nice iPhone app with built-in incentives. Genius concept. Check it Out.

Win Achievement Points For Every ‘To Do List” Task Completed On the Dunnit! iPhone App

The humble To Do list has been updated, with the Dunnit! iPhone app using gaming-style achievement points for every task completed. Sure beats scribbling on the back of an envelope I guess, though it’d be better if they translated into redeemable points.

Having some sort of incentive to tick off every task on the list would definitely make me more pro-active, especially if you could translate them into iTunes gift cards or something. Though at $4.99 a download, the developer Runloop would have to be raking in a lot of downloads for that to make financial sense.

Dunnit! lets you compete against friends who also use the iPhone app, and you can tweet your results to your followers—if you dare. [iTunes via Mobile-Ent]

This is a really nicely considered iPhone app. It does what it says on the tin and the achievement point-focused incentives is genius – kudos Dan, it’s wicked ;p

The iPhone Dunnit! App.

Go check out the app on the App Store.

Find out more about the development team here.

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Light Touch: Holographic Laser Projection is here

You want Light Graffiti, I’ll give you Light Graffiti

Incredible examples of creating Light Graffiti – love it!

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The Making of THE SHINING (by Vivian Kubrick)

“Stanley Kubrick allowed his then-17-year-old daughter, Vivian, to make a documentary about the production of THE SHINING. Originally for the British television show BBC Arena, the documentary offers rare insight into the shooting process of a Kubrick film.”

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Buttons & Pins – simple and beautiful

Instead of using ordinary buttons and pins to stitch up clothes, Korean-born artist Ran Hwang creates amazingly large installations of birds and cherry blossom trees. When you look up close, the amount of individual buttons is somewhat overwhelming, but from afar, the installation transforms into one breathtaking image.

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The Golden Age of Video – By Ricardo Autobahn

Loving this.

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Six Social Media Trends for 2010

1. Social media begins to look less social

With groups, lists and niche networks becoming more popular, networks could begin to feel more “exclusive.” Not everyone can fit on someone’s newly created Twitter list and as networks begin to fill with noise, it’s likely that user behavior such as “hiding” the hyperactive updaters that appear in your Facebook news feed may become more common. Perhaps it’s not actually less social, but it might seem that way as we all come to terms with getting value out of our networks — while filtering out the clutter.

2. Corporations look to scale

There are relatively few big companies that have scaled social initiatives beyond one-off marketing or communications initiatives. Best Buy’s Twelpforce leverages hundreds of employees who provide customer support on Twitter. The employees are managed through a custom built system that keeps track of who participates. This is a sign of things to come over the next year as more companies look to uncover cost savings or serve customers more effectively through leveraging social technology.

3. Social business becomes serious play

Relatively new networks such as Foursquare are touted for the focus on making networked activity local and mobile. However, it also has a game-like quality to it which brings out the competitor in the user. Participants are incentivized and rewarded through higher participation levels. And push technology is there to remind you that your friends are one step away from stealing your coveted “mayorship.” As businesses look to incentivize activity within their internal or external networks, they may include carrots that encourage a bit of friendly competition.

4. Your company will have a social media policy (and it might actually be enforced)

If the company you work for doesn’t already have a social media policy in place with specific rules of engagement across multiple networks, it just might in the next year. From how to conduct yourself as an employee to what’s considered competition, it’s likely that you’ll see something formalized about how the company views social media and your participation in it.

5. Mobile becomes a social media lifeline

With approximately 70 percent of organizations banning social networks and, simultaneously, sales of smartphones on the rise, it’s likely that employees will seek to feed their social media addictions on their mobile devices. What used to be cigarette breaks could turn into “social media breaks” as long as there is a clear signal and IT isn’t looking. As a result, we may see more and/or better mobile versions of our favorite social drug of choice.

6. Sharing no longer means e-mail

The New York Times iPhone application recently added sharing functionality which allows a user to easily broadcast an article across networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Many websites already support this functionality, but it’s likely that we will see an increase in user behavior as it becomes more mainstream for people to share with networks what they used to do with e-mail lists. And content providers will be all too happy to help them distribute any way they choose.

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Giant Animated Flipbook | Wow.

Created by Donato Sansone with a soundtrack by Enrico Ascoli

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Interplay of Social Media and Search – some useful stats

The Influenced: Social Media, Search and the Interplay of Consideration and Consumption 

A study announced today by GroupM Search, comScore and M80, exploring the interplay of search marketing and social media, reveals the dramatic correlation influenced discovery of brands through social media has with search behavior, including more lower-funnel searches and increased paid search click-through-rates (CTR).

The study,“The Influenced: Social Media, Search and the Interplay of Consideration and Consumption,” explored the correlation between social media exposure and search behavior across different verticals, including automotive, consumer packaged goods and telecommunications.

Key findings include:

– Consumers exposed to a brand’s influenced social media and paid search are 2.8x more likely to search for that brand’s products

– There was a 50% CTR increase in paid search when consumers were exposed to both influenced social media and paid search

– There was a 42-point lift in searcher penetration around brand product terms when consumers were exposed to both influenced social media and paid search compared to paid alone

What the study tells us is bigger than correlation, making the topic at large, Discovery. We’ve learned how internet users discover and engage with brands in social media and how that discovery influences search behavior. The findings help us to better understand how the intent expressed by consumers via search is established through social media exposure and the interplay between the two channels.

Of note, it further validates our view that generating upper-funnel awareness and influencing consideration through influenced social media (social media leveraged by a brand advertiser) can produce better down-the-funnel performance with paid media, such as paid search. In our white paper, we expand on the findings and address the value of the synergy between paid, owned and earned media. Additionally, we address the state of media today, challenges advertisers face, and introduce the discussion of Media Delivery and Media Discovery and the new thinking we must consider in making maximizing engagement that drives lower-funnel activity.

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