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143 Presents

Yesterday saw the opening of new pop-up store ‘143 Presents’ in the heart of London’s Newburgh quarter, tucked just off Carnaby Street. The brains behind the eclectic mix of consumables and playful appearance are the ridiculously productive Kate Moross and Silver Spoon Attire’s Avigail Claire. I was lucky enough to be given a little tour of the space by the duo before they cut the red tape…

The task of gathering fashion, prints, records, kitchenwares, books and even a little sweet shop is one that shouldn’t be underestimated and Kate and Avigail most definitely haven’t. For every piece in the store there is at least one well defined reason for it existing alongside it’s neighbour, and it is obvious to see that a huge amount of thought has gone into choosing the right elements for the shop. From the Joseph & Joseph stacking bowl nest to the Fred Butler necklaces or Melody Ehsani ring watches, a colour scheme and light-hearted approach rings true.

‘We wanted people to be able to engage with the space, be happy and just come and hang out” says Avigail when asked about the light-hearted feel of the surroundings. All geared around childhood frivolity and happy memories, ‘143 Presents’ is trying to create a few more happy memories of it’s own during it’s two week stay. Not only by stocking beautiful products that are unavailable anywhere else on Carnaby Street, but also by donating a share of their takings to children’s charity Barnado’s.

143 is an acronym for ‘I Love You’ and going by the devotion and attention to detail invested by the guys behind it I think it’s been named very aptly indeed. With the support of iconic brand Gio-Goi and with plans to take the concept worldwide there’s plenty of scope to spread the love…

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Mr Bowlegs — Doodling for doodling sake

Purchased a copy – You’ll find it in the creative area once it arrives ;o)

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Steal their ideas – they concept so you don’t have to

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What kind of snowflake are you?

For the winter season 2008-9,! decided to put its office window to good use and build an interactive display. Based on an original concept by John Nussey, Jon Hewitt & Andras Szalai, we decided to build an RFID-enabled snowflake generator.

Placed in our London office, alongside a busy corridor, passer-bys are invited to use their Oystercard to discover what kind of snowflake they are. As they move past the windows, the snowfall in the background is gently swayed by their movement, and the last person’s snowflake is in the foreground.

Spinning vinyl iPhone app

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Portroids – Portraits shot on Polaroids


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Google Maps – so that’s how they did it!

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Most Badass Epitaph Ever

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Collaborative experiences

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