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One of the great things about the Web is the ability to link to a Web page, or a part of a Web page, from anywhere. Asterpix, wants to bring that same ease of use to the world of video. The company’s technology -– which it calls hypervideo — gives authors the ability to link directly to objects displayed inside video clips.

Hotspots can be placed on points of interest throughout the entire video clip and tracked. The hotspots are designated with blinking circles; click on them in the video to access the author’s notes, tags and target links. (Here’s a version of the ‘Battle at Kruger’ YouTube video – which has had over 16millions views – but with added links through to the relevant Wikipedia pages)

Crucially, the service doesn’t require you to download separate software on to your desktop. Instead, you simply sign up and embed the videos as you would from any video source such as YouTube, MetaCafe, or Blip. Asterpix adds a separate invisible layer on top of the video that contains all the metadata (aka relevant linking information). Then just go ahead and drop it in your blog or on your MySpace page.

Asterpix’s technology could have big implications for online video-related advertising as it would allow advertisers to embed hotspots around products of high commercial value. For instance, Le Bron James videos could link his shoes to NikeTown stores, or Tiger Woods’ clips could help push golf clubs or even apparel.

All very cool and more impressive than anything I’ve seen so far.

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