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facebook: flyer pro

Facebook has introduced a new ‘flyer’ advertising service on its platform

The new Flyer Pro offers much more targeted potential to the advertiser and is an excellent and cost effective way to drive people from specific networks and with specific interests to that advertisers product.

Facebook applications: google’s social search widget

Google has launched a search widget for Facebook that lets you search the web and share the results with your friends. Sadly, it has errors on the first page on launch. Expect more mainstream features to be ported to Facebook and for it to sit on top of the social engine.

Thanks to Jeremiah Owyang

Facebook’s targeted ads

Facebook can segment some ads by gender and city, not even Google Ad Sense can be this accurate. Mashable wonders if this is clever or evil? I say clever, and if deployed correctly, the ads may be more relevant to the user –and less disruptive. Imagine if ads became so intelligently contextual that they are as valuable as news items on a feedreader.

Thanks to Jeremiah Owyang

On a side note, threebillion* released a video of some stats they’ve pieced together:

“32% of British 11-20 year olds said they would be happy to recieve advertising messages to their mobiles…71% said they would be happy to recieve advertising messages targeted to their particular interests”.

*3 billion is the size of the world’s population under 25yrs

Facebook 3 months on

This article gives some great stats about the activity, feeds, applications, advertising, and other information happening on the Facebook platform. Most interestingly enough, I believe we’re still at the start of something –orders of magnitude to come.

Thanks to Jeremiah Owyang

Social Networks all over the world

The August edition of Business 2.0 lists out other types of Facebook Social Networks: China’s Xiaoneiwang, France’s Skyrock, Germany’s StudiVZ, India’s Minglebox, Israel’s Mekusharim, Mexico’s Vostu, Netherlands’ Hyves, Russia’s V Kontakte, and Turkey’s Qiraz.

Thanks to Jeremiah Owyang

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