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Adobe CS 4

We were lucky enough to have Adobe pop over to our office yesterday and show off some of the aspects of Creative Suite 4 to us.

Photoshop has a tonne of new features, including a timeline and real 3D, hardware rendering and intelligent pixel scaling.

Flash has a totally re-built animation framework which makes it incredibly easy to manipulate animations on the timeline and stretch/lengthen them to slow them down or speed them up.

There’s also massive changes to the drawing API which means that realistic physics engines mapped to video, bitmaps and 3D models is now totally achievable.

Soundbooth is also a great addition to the club.

Very brief summary, but I also enjoyed chatting with the guys aftwards at the pub. Adobe really deserves for CS 4 to do well; they’ve packed alot into it.

Top 10 web design styles for 2008

Vintage / Retro Styles
2008 Design Trends

Handwritten Notes and Paper Clips
2008 Design Trends

2008 Design Trends

Splatter Ink
2008 Design Trends

2008 Design Trends

2008 Design Trends

Sketches and Handwritten Fonts
2008 Design Trends

Big Fonts
2008 Design Trends

Script Fonts
2008 Design Trends

Wood Pattern
2008 Design Trends

You can be the judge as to whether they are or not, but nevertheless it’s a great list.

Great combined motion graphics & 3D

Great motion graphics montage with nice use of grading and subtle 3D…Nice summertime vibes.

One of the people who put it together, Justin Schrader, has a very interesting website here.

He’s done some visual Processing experiments and there are some other video examples. If he hasn’t got a picked up yet he deserves to be and credit to him.

3 kinds of urban graffiti art




Urban light art

brilliant data visualisation examples

Brilliant article which goes into details regarding all the different types of data visualisation examples. Mindmaps, displaying news, displaying data, displaying connections, displaying web-sites, articles & resources, tools & services – simply genius and well worth a read.

Flashforward finalist in 2 categories!!!

Yesterday I received word that 2 of the projects I worked on are finalists in this year’s Flashforward.

NikeFree Europe in the Commerce category & the Orange Phone Trainer app in the Application category.

I’m really stoked! The Orange phone trainer was AKQA’s first application project and came at a very difficult time in the Adobe product cycle, meaning it wasn’t possible for us to build it using Flex which would have been great. Despite that, I’m really happy with the way the project went. It was a great building block to some of the application-based work we’re currently doing at AKQA.

The NikeFree project was a brilliant concept carried through to delivery – even if I do say so myself! We managed to integrate some sweet video footage in with the content and there were some long, long hours spent tweaking things so they were just right. Others involved on the project at a Flash level were Dan Wood and Andy Foulds.

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