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Nike PhotoiD

Credit to the guys in the AKQA Mobile team!

Nike PhotoiD has been featured on the Guardian’s website and on Cscout as a new mobile marketing trend.

For those who haven’t heard about Nike PhotoiD it’s a piece of software which analyses the pixels colours within an image and generates a pair of Nike iDs for you based on those colours.

MMS your picture and the word DUNK to 88247.

Not only is it cool but it actually works. I tested it out about 6 weeks ago on some of my friends and they were really impressed.

AKQA named Digital Agency of the Year in AdWeek


AKQA #1 Agency of the Year

AKQA makes Fast company’s top 50 most innovative companies

AgencySpy reports AKQA is 48th most innovative company globally, with Google in pole position followed by Apple.

From the website:

#48 AKQA

Most interactive-ad shops master either the creative or the technical; AKQA is expert at both. Whether building a Pixar-quality interactive online universe for Coke’s breathtaking “Happiness Factory” campaign (below), or masterminding a multimedia “alternate reality game” for Microsoft’s Halo 3, the digital powerhouse doesn’t just dream up mind-bending ideas, it actually writes the code that brings them to life. Which is why, after five consecutive years of profitability, AKQA is one of the most dangerous global forces in the ad industry. While ad holding companies and tech firms spent billions in 2007 to snap up digital shops, AKQA fended them off, opting instead for a $250 million investment from private-equity firm General Atlantic. In the meantime, the 700-person agency boosted revenues 39% to $100 million and added new clients such as Unilever, DoubleClick, and Cadbury Schweppes — on top of existing accounts with Nike and McDonald’s.

Fast company blog

More about AKQA can be found here.

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