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Linqia launches as a social network marketplace

Here’s how Linqia works.

If you have social networks on one hand and potential commercial partners on the other, Linqia is design to be a marketplace where the two can meet for sponsor partnerships or whatever. One of the partners it’s been working with has been Nike which has a new shoe for golfers. It needed to reach social networks, so Linqia worked with its agency on a test run of how to promote the shoes inside its test-bed of social networks. In real time the agency could see the response in the networks and just pay for results.

Linquia’s business model is that it gets a revenue share on the deal.

In December it launches its technology to enable the real-time transactions between commercial entities and networks, but for now it’s on a recruiting drive to fill out its marketplace of social networks.

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Where the Wild Things Are – wanting, wanting, wanting

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Nike+ Trash Talk Banner

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Playstation 3’s @Home Virtual World

The PS3’s had a bad rap. Then it launched Little Big Planet and defined User Generated Gaming Content (UGGC).

Here’s a customised level built using LittleBigPlanet’s Level Editor:

Now Sony have launched @Home – just in time for Christmas ;o). Beset by delays and still bound to have issues, it nevertheless promises a great deal, and from the following review shows a glimpse of what customisation will be possible:

Whilst he’s deeply cynical concerning the communication features such as gimmicky chat up/one liners and stilted dance moves. The level of customisation, the detail in the environment and the sheer breadth of possiblity in the Mall really excite him and that says ALOT.

He’s most animated and sincere when he discusses the possibilities the Mall offers in terms of fashion & style and when he goes bowling he highlights how easy and addictive the game is and how social a pastime it is (compared to the unrealistic dancing).

@Home official trailer

Unofficial trailer

Light writing

Came across this article which led me to these guys: Lichtfaktor.

Lichtfaktor have created a “Hungry Catepillar” animation for Blue Peter:

More of their work can be found here, here and here.

To make your own follow some basics:

Use a tripod.
Set the exposure to around 10-30 sec. or longer.
Do your writing.
Set the camera’s ISO to 100 so as not to over expose.
Close your aperture as much as possible.
If there is still too much light you might have to use a nd-filter.

…and experiment…:)

How long before the agencies come knocking on their door for an ad…? Or worse still nick the idea and do it themselves?

Case Study: Vauxhall Corsa sponsored indoor festival

Bandstand Events

Vauxhall has partnered with the Bestival crew and organised 2 indoor festival events in the first 2 weeks of May.

“Corsa presents Bandstand steered by Bestival” – one in Liverpool and the other in London on the 10th and 3rd of May.

The website, is a typical Bestival production, but down in the bottom right hand corner of the homepage is a ‘secret area’ of the site which links through to The C’Mons hiding in the base of a tree. If you click through from there you get to, a viral site built by Vauxhall to promote the characters we’ve all seen in the recent Corsa TV ad.

The whole sponsorship of the indoor festival impressed me with it’s subtlety.

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Nike Plus challenge widget

The difference between a widget and an application

The previous post got me thinking of another outcome due to the differing functionalities of the two platforms. The concept of what a widget is and what an application is becomes clearer:

  1. 2nd generation widgety microsites in widgety-sized living spaces
  2. engaging and useful applications which make use of your digital web of friends.

    This second type of application can be split into another couple of sub categories:

  1. Utility apps – Training regimes (Nike+) and or niche digital organisers, a bit like ‘calender’ on Steriods which benefit aspects of your real life.
  2. Games – Engaging multiplayer, multi-platform, geo-positioned, haptics-enabled bundles of fun to be shared with friends and family. Where you can put the age old disciplines of human competitiveness, cooperation and comparison to the test. And before you ask, yes, “Compare”, “Crush” and “Growing Gifts” are all games.

The most successful of these will create an experience which offers both usefulness and enjoyment. Nike+ is sure to fare well, but who says there won’t be other Nike applications in the future? How difficult would it be to imagine an entire suite of specialist applications all created by Nike and sitting on your desktop…

As Nokia demonstrated at the Games Developers Conference this week, along with rumours of a partnership between Apple and games company Gameloft, we shouldn’t think that the internet is the only place, or the best suited, to socially interact.


TopShop sells 30 pairs of knickers a minute…35,000 pairs of shoes every minute and 6,000 pairs of jeans a day.

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AKQA named Digital Agency of the Year in AdWeek


AKQA #1 Agency of the Year

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