iPad UX design, articles, resources & insights

I’ve been talking through a number of potential iPad applications with people at work and I’m gathering a fairly useful and extensive list of articles and considerations around the iPad. I’m sharing that list here and I’ll be adding to it as I find more.

A summary of the iPad UX Guidelines
Video – Highlights of the iPad native app presentation given by Steve Job
Video – Highlights of the iWorks apps on the iPad
Images – Detailed Flickr gallery of iPad UI conventions including comments
Images – Detailed Flickr gallery of iPad UI interactions best viewed as Slideshows
iPad scrubber navigation considerations
Heightened physicality & realism considerations

iPad Application Design
Great presentation on iPad application design
Books in the Age of iPad

Design Templates (not for production, but good for starters):
iPad icon template
iPad GUI template
iPad Omnigraffle template

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