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Inspire me, now! – (thanks Oli Shaw)

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Best Buy: A social media case study

Best Buy: A social media case study

by Robin Grant in News on 28 May 2009 at 17:10

Best Buy

Amongst the famous examples of Dell, Ford, Zappos, Skype and the like, Best Buy may not be the first company that comes to mind when thinking about which companies using are using social media well.

They’re also not the sort of company you would immediately assume would be ahead of the curve in terms of social media – they’re  the world’s largest multi-channel home electronics retailer (similar to  Currys or  Comet in the UK) who have recently made moves into Europe with the acquisition of 50% of Carphone Warehouse’s European stores (and with rumours they may go further than that).

However, in reality they’re as advanced as any of the examples I give above – let’s start with a short introduction from Best Buy’s Chief Marketing Officer, Barry Judge:

And then move onto this presentation from Gina Debogovich, Best Buy’s Community Manager:

It’s also worth finding out more about Best Buy Connect, Blue Shirt Nation (a community for Best Buy Employees), how they use customer reviews, their recently launched API and looking at how they use their own forums and Get Satisfaction to support their customers.

Let’s finish with a 4 minute video

looking at Best Buy’s internal use of social media followed by a 20 minute interview with Best Buy’s CEO Brad Anderson talking about the issues in detail:

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Revenue for mobile music predicted to be $5.5 billion by 2013

Global revenues from streamed and full track download mobile music will reach USD 5.5 billion by 2013, up from USD 2.5 billion in 2009 according to Juniper Research.

Source: Juniper Research

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Depeche Mode – Just can’t get enough ’09

Just Can’t Get Enought (Jo Valentino Remix) by Depeche Mode  
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Depeche Mode – Just Cant Get Enought Jo Valentino Remix.mp3 (13690 KB)

Puts Depeche Mode in a whole new light

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King Kong’s slide

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The Bloody Apprentice – brilliant video mashup

Genius re-edit from CassetteBoy

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URL shortening and why it’s important to brands

Links are the lifeblood of the internet.

Social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook are giving people the power to 'spread' content that they like and that they think their friends and followers will like.
Because of the 140 character constraint, links to content invariably are fed into url shortening solutions. There are over 100 such solutions online right now.

URL shorteners are very simple, they take a url such as:
and shorten it to become something like this: (this doesn't work by the way)

The benefits are huge:

It enables you to take your brand into these areas (e.g. and not – This is free advertising.
It increases trust and click-through rates. e.g. You know that clicking on it will take you to something to do with nike.
It enables you to track where and how people are finding your content by ensuring you're adding the necessary meta data and tracking info to the links you are shortening.

One way to try this out in a cost effective way is by using For $99 a year you get 10,000 unique urls a month, all tracked by Google Analytics and customisable by you.

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Another Car, Another Social Media Marketing Campaign

Nissan has launched a marketing campaign for its Cube that incorporates Cube-themed iPhone apps, games, videos and ringtones to prove just how hip it is to be square.

The Cube Mobile Hub site gives Cube owners and enthusiasts the chance to bond over a car that Nissan says is designed for interacting, all while disengaged from the real world, poking away at a tiny cellphone screen.

It’s yet another example of automakers using social networking to sell their cars, and it comes on the heels of similar campaigns by Ford and Honda. Honda recently launched a microsite where people can virtually drive the new Insight and learn more about the dirt-cheap hybrid.

Nissan is hoping that the mobile site will convince potential buyers that the slab-sided subcompact is just as essential to the mobile lifestyle as text messages, Twitter and Facebook. “We envision owners using their Cubes as one of their essential mobile devices, connecting with friends, sharing music and sharing fun,” Nissan marketing exec Christian Meunier said in a statement.

Nissan says the Cube features a “socially oriented lounge-style interior.” At the risk of sounding like Andy Rooney, we think it might be a perfect place for five friends to text each other.

We visited the site Mobile Hub and everyone seems to be having a lot more fun than we are. Our favorite feature might be the forthcoming iPhone App called “Cube Party Roundup.” The objective of the game is to gain points doing things that we thought only happened in commercials for cars and liquor: Drive around a city picking up friends, dates, and “ice, music and other items,” all in preparation for a big party.

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Be a F@#king Person

Alot of brands could learn from this.

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Bring on the noise

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