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I’m going to try this tonight – Wednesdays, BBC One, 9pm – In light of recent interviews with Antony Rose who is responsible for the iPlayer and the industry news that Adobe Flash is coming to TVs and set top boxes it seems inevitable that this kind of value added service is going to end up on the TV rather than the laptop.

It all depends on the UI though. It may just be easier to keep the 2 seperate unless TV remote controls turn into mobile handsets…or vice versa…

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    I agree with you in the long term, but Flash on set-top boxes is quite a long way off, and I'm not sure that the OEMs that have started integrating FlashLite into their TVs are also incorporating Wifi for the return path. Sky and Virgin adopting it would speed things up.

    To me, there's a lot more life in synched smartphone apps and laptops for the time being.

    Tom // Monterosa

  • rickwilliams

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your comments – great work on The Apprentice Predictor.

    I agree it's further away than it should be right now, but there's an opportunity to work directly with OEMs to deliver something more than Bloomberg news and weather widgets.

    It just seems crazy that they're all rolling out similar non-social widgets and aren't thinking about unique KPIs that could set them apart from their competition such as customised channels or ways to facilitate monetization through enriched digital 'extras' and communicating via their mobile phone and TV instead of having the TV on in the background and inteacting with their laptops.

    I think there's an opportunity to take over the digital living room experience:

    The realist in me, like you, thinks there's plenty left in synched smart phones, I just like to dream every now and then :o)

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