Online video – insight from the East

Alot of the time it’s really obvious that Asia is a totally different market to the one in the West.

QRCode adoption and mobile phone interaction are 2 of the most glaring differences between our habits and Asia’s – what you learn from people’s insight, like that of Jan Chipchase, is that despite our differences the mindset, no matter how subliminal, is in tune.

Which is what makes these insights in online video viewing habits in Asia so interesting

Obvious differences include Anonymity but there are many more similarities that I relate to and believe in:

Participation – this is on the rise as a larger percentage of the audience engages and overcomes a technological barrier. e.g. Karaoke, Wii, 1v100, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Long form quality content is most popular online/VOD programming – As if you didn’t know, Content is King

Social Advocacy holds greatest sway – What your friends, family and peers think and say matters more than anything else in getting eyeballs – advocates not eyeballs matter in the long tail. e.g. BBC David Attenborough documentary fares better than Battle at Kruger (eventually…)

Local brands dominate Asian online video landscape – This is so much more relevant based on yesterday’s news in the UK that our Independent TV company, ITV, reported enormous losses. When will local advertisiers start having much more sway over national advertising?

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