Oh my God – Philip Schofield is on Twitter

Is it the beginning of the end for Twitter…or is Twitter more than a fad?
Ben Ayers » Phillip Schofield talks Twitter on This Morning

Philip Schofield – http://twitter.com/schofe (2,366 followers in a week after that little piece to camera on This Morning)
Jonathan Ross – https://twitter.com/Wossy (13,933 followers)
Stephen Fry – https://twitter.com/stephenfry (51,000 followers)
Alan Carr – https://twitter.com/AlanCarr (4,018 followers)

And Dancing On Ice (wtf?!?!?) – http://twitter.com/dancingonice – In fact everything to do with Dancing on Ice has gone completely Social Meedja. They’ve got a Facebook page ( http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dancing-on-Ice/49073635635) and they’ve even given Schofield a Flip camera (!?!?!) to create impromptu pieces to camera and behind the scenes footage. I digress….
Twitter’s good for celebrities because it can be done on the go from your phone.
Twitter’s good for Brands because they can announce offers. Dell has achieved over $1million sales directly from Twitter: http://tinyurl.com/6hxk7d
Twitter’s good for fictional characters – as long as there’s buy-in from the studios – see the ‘Becoming a Mad Man’ article.

Twitter’s got some real legs when it comes to TV in general. or Dr. Who…What if you could follow the Doctor and get his thoughts whenever he’s not in a scene – The thoughts & emotions of the Doctor when he’s not in the scene; after a big argument for example or by adding a quick retort out of ear shot?? You could get the Doctor to ask for advice and get the audience to reference material online that could help him…Good for spin-offs or integrated two-way ARGs. Some fool out there is calling this Transmedia, but essentially it’s just a different way of telling a story….

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