The physical Internet

The ‘Internet of Things‘ was coined back in 2003 by Sean Dodson in The Guardian. More recently, Sean reported, again in The Guardian, on ‘The third age of the Internet’.

We’re on the cusp of a sea change in the way we interact with the Internet. More and more often the problems I’m asked to solve aren’t concerned with an experience in which you’re in front of your computer screen. It involves a store front or a mobile or an outdoor space or a physical object…

Timo Arnall is a designer working with interactive products and media. He runs a design research project that looks at emerging technologies at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Recently he gave the following presentation:

The web in the world:

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Timo Arnall has a couple of blogs with some equally interesting insights:

ElasticSpace –
Nearfield –

Thanks Timo for making this available.

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