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Despite how many times you’re told, nothing hammers home a trueism more than hearing about it first hand.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Iain Richardson, an expert in the field of video compression. Over lunch we were talking about the future of video and he described to me his 10yr old’s viewing habits.

First of all, his son has never asked him for a DVD for his birthday or Christmas – he just goes onto YouTube and watches clips of what he’s interested in – as far as he knows his son has never watched a full episode of anything from TV.

A case in point is his current fad for The Mighty Boosh. He and his friends recite sketches from the show to each other with perfect aplomb, yet they’ve never watched a full episode and he’s never asked for the DVD for Christmas or his birthday.

What’s important to him is finding and sourcing the next ‘sick’ clip or sequence and sharing his knowledge.

Nothing new, but it really hit home to me the reality of the every day and the mindset of 10yr olds – there is an immense cultural shift taking place that’s driven by technology and the internet and most people still don’t realise it.

  • John Cotterell

    Hi Rick, How are you keeping?

    Very interesting point, things are changing a great deal. I had't realised that it was to this degree.

    I still think that the quality and features of dvd rinse anything you could watch on youtube, and I still find myself buying dvds I know I could watch for free.

    Funny thing happened last week though. I wanted to watch a movie which I own on dvd, but the player on my laptop has stopped working, and I didn't want to use the one in the living room late at night, so i managed to find the entire movie in segments on youtube.

    Didn't realise how crazy that was until I'd watched the entire film.

    It won't be long before it's commonplace to watch dvd quality film online, with a verbatim copy of the dvd menus, special features etc. I just hope this will be a legitimate form of entertainment with a reasonable revenue model that keeps everyone happy.

  • rickwilliams

    Hi John,

    Good to hear from you.

    There was another interesting point that Iain raised about what audiences who watching video online mind and don't mind. They don't mind quality (or a lack of it) online as long as it's constant. Weird eh?

    So basically, as long as the video quality maintains its quality and doesn't get worse they're happy.

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    I wanted to watch a movie which I own on dvd, but the player on my laptop has stopped working

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