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RedBull + Facebook Connect

Red Bull Connect Redbull USA have released Redbull Connect. Insead of creating their own login and community they are tapping into Facebook’s using Facebook Connect (formerly Beacon).

Login | Facebook
Users can sign into the site using their Facebook username and password and leave comments on the posts that have been written.

Red Bull Connect

Red Bull Connect
A pop up then appears asking whether you’d like your actions to be broadcast on to Facebook’s newsfeed as a one liner, a short or a full description or not to broadcast it at all. This is then submitted to your newsfeed on Facebook and your Redbull USA activity is broadcast to all your Facebook friends.

It’s early days, but the lure and seamlessness for brands seems too great for this not to be taken up by others.

For brands who’ve been invested and experimenting on Facebook via Pages, this feels like the natural next step. It will be interesting to see what other brands do.

Last Will – a prototype MITE*

This is incredibly exciting…

Hide&Seek, PunchDrunk, HP & seeper have joined forces to create a new kind of experience…more soon.

*Multi-platform Immersive Theatrical Experience

OTOY – 3D Virtual World technology rendered in ‘The Cloud’

This has done the rounds a fair bit, but not here and here’s a good place for me to archive this kind of stuff – it’s what it’s for after all…

OTOY is a technology I heard about through a TechCrunch post. They’ve managed to create a way in which you can experience almost real life 3D environments through a browser with the images being rendered in ‘The Cloud’ utilizing render farms. Take a look:

Pretty cool…and then remind yourself that you just need a browser – ANY browser on ANY platform. That gets me thinking? How about you?

Curiouser and curiouser…

Be mindful of the tiger with the wooden leg. You are one of us now. You are protected

A game is afoot… Care to join?

A white rabbit has come out to play…

Step from the shadows and show us your true colours. Signals can only be hidden in plain sight

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