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We Tell Stories – Penguin redefines digital fiction

We Tell stories

Six authors, six stories, six weeks – We Tell Stories

Penguin innovate by launching a site offering digital fiction via the internet.

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4 Data Visualizations That Inspired Me to Learn More | FlowingData

Beautiful, inspiring Data Visualization courtesy of Flowing Data
4 Data Visualizations That Inspired Me to Learn More | FlowingData

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17 Ways to Visualize the Twitter Universe

A staggering list of 17 examples of how people are visualising the Twitter Universe:


17 Ways to Visualize the Twitter Universe via FlowingData

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Fingertip biometrics at Disney turnstiles

via Boing Boing


Micro-blogging & the power of Ambient Intimacy

Something happened on Twitter over the last week.

Twitter, the micro-blogging platform used by a niche user-base of very vocal early adopters and internet marketers, took a giant leap in its user-base as the most immediate communication channel of choice again at last week’s SWSX conference.

Twitter really took off at last year’s SWSX, so it’s no surprise that it took the headlines again.

It showed its potential to great effect during the US Super Bowl last November and I would ove to see how it could be used during the European Football Cup this summer.

“The fabric becomes stronger as the threads connect”

The more like-minded people connect with one another, the richer the conversation becomes.

Twitter can take comments made during a TV commentary and extend it online.

The beauty of Twitter is that it’s limited to 140 characters per post so either you make your point succintly or you link through to further, more in-depth conversation and opinion.

There’s no spam and your peers and audience are individually picked by you – that’s a powerful, if not so sexy, channel to get in on from a brand perspective.

For more read these:
Conversations are moving onto Twitter
Ambient Intimacy, Collective Musing & intellectual Musings

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Multi-touch transparent screen demoed at CeBit 2008

Transparent ‘Minority Report’ touchscreen demoed at CeBit 2008

More info can be found at

This seems to have been part of T-Mobile’s CeBit 2008 advertising campaign and it’s worked very well! A transparent screen is really impressive and certainly shows a slice of what’s to come from conferences and motor shows for years to come.

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Pot Noodle piss take of the Guiness ad

an AKQA production

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8 new and innovative UI examples

Microsoft Lucid Touch

Radar Roundup: UI – O’Reilly Radar

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When and why do apps "go viral?”


Brilliant article by Andrew Chen on why apps ‘jump the shark’. Warning: some Maths involved :)

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Kanye West University blog


Kanye West University blog

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