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  • Bill

    Please help me win a company-sponsored challenge to win an entrance in The Nike Human Race…all you have to do is sign up for the following challenge under my team name, Bill Lafferty

    If I have the most people sign up then I win, and am forever indebted to you.

    Thanks so much,

    Bill Lafferty

    If there's anything I can do for you, email me at

  • shape ups skechers

    In making beds with shape ups shoes clean sheets, it is of no importance which ends of the sheets are put to the head or foot of the bed; but when once sheets have been slept iu, they must be used always one way until they are again washed. shape ups skechers As a rule by which to remember which way the ends of sheets were first laid, it is a good plan to put the marked ends of sheets always to the fi¬Ľot of the bed ; also the inside of sheets should always be towards the sleeper, skechers shape ups whom the rough edgee of the scams might annoy. The laundress usually folds up sheets so as to prevent any necessity on this ground in the housemaid fur completely opening them before she lays them on the beds. It may also be well to recommend a little attention from those who make beds to the feathers which escape from the caso while the beds shape ups boots ore shaken. If the honsemaid fastens a small paper bag at the bed’s head, in an unobserved place, she may easily collect the stray feathers each day, and enclose them temporarily in this paper bag; when the collection becomes considerable, all she has to do is to open a small part iu one of the seams of the case, and to put tbem through it into the bed.1576. The hangings of four-post beds are usually folded up and laid skechers shoes upon the bed, in the view of keeping them from the dust of the room. At night, when the bed-clothes are turned down for use, the curtains are drawn round either partially or entirely, ac cording a3 the occupants of the beds are supposed shape ups to approve.1577. The hangings of tent beds are usually looped up at the head and fe.3t, and are easily let down to any required degree.1578.

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