‘customer service is the new marketing’

This was the title of a conference held in San Francisco a couple of days ago which Jeremiah Owyang spoke at. With Social Media and digital WOM marketing, friends will tell friends about their experience with a company, thereby impacting the way in which traditional marketing works.

They handed out this ‘pact’ to all attendees.

Among the many findings during the discussions were the following:

Different ways with Dealing with Detractors

# Varies in every situation.
# 1 to Many communications.
# Make them feel heard.
# Compensate them (depending on severity).
# Create a place for direct feedback, rather than having it in community forums.
# Develop a process for the different types of detractors.
# Having a good tone, being consistent with all members.

General Best Practices

# Trust is the foundation of every community
# Great relationships with members that want to share
# Make sure every question that is asked gets an appropriate answer
# Create a year long plan, so it’s effective across the business, thinking strategic
# Create valuable content
# Recognize valuable contributors
# Have knowledgeable moderators
# Incorporate it into your products
# Being Human: Make sure that people know that the community manager is a real person
# Acknowledge people
# Loyalty programs
# Focus on experience
# Quality Content
# Ask permission: Ask the members if we can reach out and talk to them first
# Start threads with questions to get the conversations going
# Help users connect with other users, identify ‘super users’
# You can never give too much information
# Encouraging feedback from the community
# Always have a direct email so it can encourage rapid response
# Rewarding and recognizing members that have done good work
# Embrace what the community is actually doing
# Acknowledge when people are right –even if they are hostile
# Bubbling up information, turning things into FAQs
# Internal encouragement for employees (points)
# Every question that someone else can answer, have it answered by the right person
# Track Google Alerts, if someone tracks outside the community pull them in.
# Be transparent, let the community monitor and police itself (rather than the company taking too much control)
# Reward and thank users that participate
# Plan and integrate internal knowledge bases

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