flip.com turns to widgets


Flip.com was launched in February 2007. Today Conde Nast, which owns flip.com, announced that it was reversing its strategy saying that Flip will be “reshaped as a flexible web application designed to live on social networking platform, starting with Facebook.”

Translation: “We give up.”


From the above you can see that at its peak flip.com was getting over 400,000 monthly users, so what happened?

I think there are a number of reasons:

  1. The campaign money ran out – social communities need to keep going far longer than your average campaign timeframe otherwise the time invested by your audience will turn from advocacy to distrust.
  2. There weren’t enough clearly defined success criteria to guage whether more investment should be made in maintaining it.
  3. The ‘niche’ they were going for (teenage girls) wasn’t niche enough. It was too big a market segment to succeed.
  4. Flip.com was born out of a print culture – they couldn’t conceive of simply building an application – which is what they’ve ended up with, so they created alot of editorial that people didn’t read or interact with.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens…


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