Richard Branson’s ‘Virgin Americans’

Virgin Airlines have turned some of the most well-known and subscribed to bloggers into cartoon characters for a series of cartoons entitled ‘Virgin Americans’.

Cartoon illustrating the features of flying Virgin Airlines.
Virgin Americans Flickr gallery

A blog review from David Winer.
Another blog review.
BoingBoing review

All 3 are powerful word-of-mouth recommendations.

BoingBoing have signed an exclusive deal to supply Virgin Airlines with their content. Nice fit.

All good stuff and does what it set out to. Domestic air travel in the US is now in a huge fare war as a result.

This has been a really well executed digital PR strategy from Virgin America.

Also similar in strategy is O2 Cocoon’s blog – Very interesting to see where O2 chose to install the blog – within O2 Blueroom and on its own domain – rather than on the domain. This way I guess they enable the bloggers and guest writers the ability to write opinionated reviews and comments which spark conversation rather than just decimating other news in a bland way. Talk radio DJs are opinionated on purpose in order to get people to pick up the phone, the same is true online.

What will be interesting to see will be the way in which O2 Cocoon’s blog sows ‘seeds of conversation’ that dovetail in with other campaign activity over the coming months. It’s also a little surprising that there’s no Facebook group, sponsored or otherwise, which would drive people to the blog.

Update: O2 now have a Facebook group, either I missed it (very likely given the numbers it’s generated!) or it’s one of the fastest growing groups on Facebook! Love the scoreboard.

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