new music strategy

Twenty-five years ago the route to musical success was fairly well defined: practice in someone’s bedroom, do some local gigs, record a demo in a local studio, send the demos on cassette to major, London-based record labels and hope they picked you up.

It rarely worked, but it’s what pretty much everyone did – when it did work, the band had invariably added the two extra steps of having their demo pressed onto vinyl and had got it reviewed by The NME, but we were never clever enough to realise that at the time. Obviously, everything has changed these days, and I’ve spent some time trying to work out exactly how to go about making and promoting music in this modern climate of disruptive technology.

The best info on the subject I’ve found has been Andrew Dubber’s blog new music strategies and I can’t recommend it enough for anyone who’s starting out or who wants to learn from someone with alot to give.

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