digest of the social networking space

Jeremiah covers some very interesting points in his round-up on social networking

More and more of our clients are beginning to ask questions about what to do in the Social Networking space. It baffles and befuddles them. They just don’t get it.

Mainly this is to do with not having a conherent ROI in place since the phenomenon of Social Networking – particularly for brands and corporations – is so new, but also it feels to me as if they don’t get it because they haven’t even tried to.

What’s particularly intesresting is the number of white branded solutions out there Here, here and here. The solutions are starting to differentiate. There are a few White Label Social Networks that are offering their product based on a ‘vertical’. Some are offering to be the best Social Network for sports communities, municipals, education, government, and any other industry segment.

What’s been clear so far with brands who’ve attempted to enter the Social Networking space is that they still aren’t using social media to know their audiences. Instead they’re using it as another way to increase sales.

This is a fundamental issue with brands and Social Networking. Social Networking is not about increasing sales, but about increasing brand affinity, trust and loyalty with customers. It’s the increase in these things that will increase sales – not the current ‘hot offer’.

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