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Channel 4 goes FlashMobbing

Channel 4 is due to launch ‘The Big Arts Project’, a ground-breaking mobblogging community arts project. Channel 4 have licensed a ‘Participation toolkit’ moblogging product created by moblogUK Technology, allowing anyone to document public art across the UK via their mobile phone.

‘The Big Arts Project’ will be the one of the largest social media projects undertaken in the UK to date. ‘The Big Art Mob’ will be the mobile aspect of the show, to be aired in April 2008, and will invite people to send in photos and video of public art from their mobile phones to the ‘The Big Art Project’ community, a white-labelled version of moblogUK itself.

Uploaded art will be geotagged and plotted on a google map of the UK. RSS feeds of the projects means that anyone can follow the project as it evolves.

“What is novel is that what Channel 4 are creating is a massive social
community around a TV show which won’t air for a year, creating a
community of people engaged around the idea of public art at a grass
roots level.” – Alfie Dennen, moblogUK

For more information click here.

This is just a brilliant idea and credit to Channel4 for doing something none of the other broadcasters, or brands online for that matter, seemingly have the balls and more importantly understanding, to undertake.


Mckinsey, originally uploaded by deadmetrix.


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