Ambient audio contextual content

When something sounds sinister it usually is sinister.

Everyone’s favourite search engine has come up with a way of picking up the ambient sound in the location where you’re surfing the net and return contextual advertising. Essentially, this is shazam but on a much bigger scale.

If you’re not familiar, shazam offers a service whereby you call a number and place the phone next to some music you’re listening to. It then sends you a text message, normally within seconds, detailing the artist and song title of the track you played it.

Google has come up with a way to do this for ambient sound, stuff like the TV playing in the background etc. Imagine you’re watching TwentyFour whilst your other half is surfing on the net. More than likely she’ll see ads offering her a special price on the DVD Box set of the previous season.

I’m not going to bother getting into the privacy implications becasue they’re just too damn obvious, but contextual advertising that’s that quick is frightening and shows how much of a threat that cutesy, cuddly search engine will be in the future – persoanlly it gives me the creeps.

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